At Max-Inc we are always looking at creating and innovating new and exciting products. We work with international product designers predominantly from the U.S to assist us in coming up with cutting edge designs.

The process usually begins by identifying a need in the market for a specific product or improving on a current product. Our R&D team will then establish what improvements and innovations that product has had over the past 5 years.

Once we have decided on a product our designers begin 3D drawing various alternatives, always pushing the limit of functionality and ultimate design.

We will produce up to 10 different designs, sometimes more. Once we agree on a design we then 3D print a full scale model of the item and test it's functionality. We will put the item through various test, once happy, the item goes into full scale production.

Our items are machined out of a billet of high grade aluminium and then anodized or coated in the appropriate colour.

ABOVE - A 3D rendering of a unique headlight housing design to hold LED daymakers. Copyright Max-Inc 2020.


ABOVE - The Item has now been produced on a 3D printer ready for examination and testing. Copyright Max-Inc 2020


ABOVE - Short video of a fuel cap being prototyped from a billet of aluminium.


ABOVE - A worker inspects a LED daymaker before assembly.


ABOVE - A completed product for our Concepts range. A brass LED tail light.