About Max-Inc International

Welcome to the official Max-Inc International HQ website.

Established in 2012, MAX INC started out in a small office for the purpose of purchasing and quality checking products for our retail outlet in the United Kingdom. From small beginnings we have grown and now operate from a 980sq/ft warehouse. We now supply our unique products all over the globe.

In 2015 we established our "Concepts" range. This would be a range of products designed and manufactured by Max-Inc to compete with our German and Italian counterparts. We wanted to bring to market high quality accessories at an affordable price. The only way to do this was to follow the lead of electronic giants such as Apple and Samsung. This would be to have our products designed and engineered in the West and produced in the East.

The formula worked. We have brought high quality items to market at a fraction of the price. Some of our most popular products include headlight brackets, LED headlights, integrated turn signals and GPS speedometers.

From our HQ in Australia we keep designing and innovating new exciting items for the market that are finding their way all over the world. One of these items was 7" headlight grills which we first produced for the H-D market in 2017. They soon found their way to the Jeep market and are now one of our best sellers.

Over the past 3 years we have attended various motoring shows in the United States with the intention of expanding our dealer network in the USA. Traditionally a very important market since it is the motorcycling capital of the world.

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President & Founder

Max-Inc - the brainchild of Clint Dwyer, personally involved in the design of every product to leave the factory, as well as overseeing product quality control. You can reach out to Clint on clint@maxincmoto.com


Vice President of Marketing & Int Sales

Mauricio has his own Max-Inc franchise in South Africa and an expert in international sales, helping Max-Inc grow globally. You can reach out to Mauricio on hello@maxincmoto.com


Max-Inc International